Todd Grimes

Sr. Pastor

Pastor Todd Grimes has been a part of Bible Baptist Church since 1980 when he and his parents began attending.  At the age of 19 Pastor Grimes accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour.


After a few years, in September of 1996, Pastor Grimes surrendered to the ministry and was licensed by the church the next month.  He served the church as Associate Pastor from 1999-2001.  On March 21, 2001, Bible Baptist Church called Pastor Grimes to be the full time pastor, ordaining him on March 30, 2001.


Pastor Grimes holds a Bachelor of Theology (ThB) and a Master of Arts (MA) from Great Plains Baptist Divinity School in Sioux Falls, SD. Well known for his voracious study habits, he continues his education to this day.




Matt Fry

Assistant Pastor

Ricky Harris

Music Minister